​​​Since 1950, Friends of the Dallas Public Library (FoDPL) has played a crucial role in our city, supporting literacy and educational programs throughout Dallas and promoting the library's cause in the public arena. Here are some of the ways we have added to that legacy this year:

For those benefiting from this year's stock market gains, you can donate appreciated securities and avoid the capital gains tax. For those 70-1/2 and older, you can make charitable donations from your IRA up to $100,000 a year to satisfy your minimum distribution requirements. Friends of the Dallas Public Library welcomes these donations. Contact our office for assistance - 214-670-1458

None of this could happen without your help.
But our mission is far from over. Your continued generosity of a year-end gift will help DALLAS libraries relevant in the 21st Century, and offer hope and opportunity to everyone in our community. On behalf of the millions of people who visit
the library each year, thank you!

           With your help, Friends of the Dallas Public Library has had a memorable 2018. We completed fundraising for the renovation of the Central Library’s 6th Floor, the final phase of a 20-year project to enhance and modernize the entire building. We broke ground for the city’s 30th library, a much-needed branch in Vickery Meadow that will include a wonderful youth center funded by Crystal Charity.

            Our efforts to enhance library programs and support the library staff continued to flourish. The library’s GED program, to cite just one example, will graduate a record number of students this year, preparing and propelling them to future success.

            We aim to build on these achievements as we approach our 70th anniversary year in 2020. We are proud of the Friends’ role in supporting the library’s mission to provide vital community centers throughout the city, and we are grateful for your help.

            You can make a year-end donation here, or please contact FODPL at 214-670-1458 for more information. We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and we hope to see you at the library often in 2019.